"Sto Miden" music album

The title "Sto Miden," which translates to "Back to Zero" in English, implies a theme of starting over and resetting, suggesting that the album explores concepts of renewal and transformation.

The production of the album entailed the development of a range of creative elements, including a digipack case, its booklet and CD print, social media imagery, and a poster to promote the release concert.

Each of these deliverables played a crucial role in bringing the album to life, helping to communicate its themes and artistic vision to the audience. These elements work in harmony to form a cohesive visual identity. The design concept takes inspiration from the album's themes of new beginnings and fresh starts, resulting in a unique and memorable visual identity.

Digipack, booklet and CD

Digipack mockup 1
Digipack mockup 2
CD booklet spreads animated gif
YouTube mockup
Facebook mockup

Poster for the release concert