Quadible is a startup that specialises in Software Development and Artificial Intelligence, founded by a team of four talented individuals. Their focus is primarily on mobile application development, with their flagship product BehavAuth revolutionising multi-factor continuous authentication for customers in the banking and insurance sectors, where user security is paramount. The name 'Quadible' is derived from the word 'quad,' meaning four, which represents the four founding members of the company.

Quadible's logo features four lines in different colors with rounded corners, emphasizing the significance of the number four to the company. The dark blue and light blue lines represent security and innovation, while the dark yellow and dark orange lines represent energy, creativity, and warmth. The rounded corners suggest continuity and smoothness, reflecting their commitment to user-friendly solutions. The Comfortaa font in the logo reinforces the modern and approachable appearance and matches the rounded corners of the lines, creating a cohesive design.

In addition to the logo, a range of collateral was designed to showcase their brand identity and support their marketing efforts. This included business cards, 2-pagers/data sheets, an exhibition and events pull-up banner, and a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation was crafted to demonstrate how Quadible's AI-powered solution stands out from the competition, highlighting its benefits and advantages to potential clients in the financial industry.

Overall, the branding and design elements created for Quadible showcase their commitment to creativity and their ability to deliver impactful solutions to their clients.


Data Sheets

Pitch presentation